Our Public Roadmap is Live!

Find out what we're working on next at Projection Genie.

Projection Genie

We’re excited to announce the launch of our product roadmap so that users can stay up to date on the newest features and updates we’re working on.

You can find our public roadmap here:

How users benefit:

Now that our product roadmap is publicly available for everyone to see, our users get the following benefits:

  • See the latest features we’re currently developing
  • See the features we’re committed to developing in the future
  • See the features we’re considering but haven’t committed to yet
  • Easily submit feature requests for us to consider
  • Read feature requests that other users have submitted
  • Vote on features requests you like and want us to build as well as comment on them

We’re excited to provide our product roadmap publicly moving forward. We believe it will really help us improve the Projection Genie platform faster and more efficiently for current and future customers moving forward.

To see our public roadmap and participate in the future growth of Projection Genie, check it out today at:

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