Latest Product Release – New features & updates! – Aug 2022

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Projection Genie

A new major product release is here! We’ve spent the last 5 months diligently cranking out countless new features and updates based on all the feedback and suggestions we’ve received since going live back in February 2022. Our latest release is the biggest yet, so we wanted to provide a quick rundown of the 6 main features you’ll see when you log back into Projection Genie. With these new features and updates, you’ll be able to make better projections and planning decisions for your new business. If you’re new to Projection Genie, visit our website to learn more.

UI Updates

We’ve completely revamped our entire user interface to make it more visually appealing and less intimidating for everyone to use:

Loan Calculator & Amortization Feature

We’ve added loan calculator feature that allows you to quickly create and add loans to your projections. You’ll get to see the principal and interest payments for the life of the loan, the amortization schedule, monthly payment due, and choose when to apply the loan to your projections:

New Cashflow Chart

We’ve added an additional chart to help you better conceptualize your cash flow. The new combined bar & line chart allows you to see both cash coming in and out, their value relative to each other, and their effect on your cash balance:

Add Your Own Logo

Premium plan users now have the ability to add their logo to their projections:

Share Your Results

Users can now share their results via read-only links with anyone without the need for readers to log-in or create an account. Readers can only see your results and not the answers to your questions, nor can they make any changes. Stay tuned for a future release that will allow you to create teams and collaborate on your financial projections with others:

Public Roadmap

You can now see, comment, recommend, and influence new features that we’re working on or should work on next. If you have a feature suggestion, easily submit a request for us to consider. If you like a feature someone else has requested, give it a like and comment on it to help us determine what features and updates our customers care about the most. Visit our public roadmap:

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