Financial Projections for New Franchise Businesses

COMING SOON – Analyze and evaluate the potential success of your future franchise business with the best interactive financial projection simulator for aspiring franchise entrepreneurs.

Quick Facts

The concept of franchising is as old as the middle ages when European nobles granted local farmers the right to use a piece of land in exchange for royalties. Today, it’s still a popular business model with 10.5% of all businesses in the US being franchises.

According to Statista, there are more than 750,000 franchise establishments in the US alone and the economic output of the US franchise industry is valued at $670 billion.

With Projection Genie and our interactive financial simulator, we help new entrepreneurs avoid launching poorly planned franchise businesses by providing you with the financial analysis and insights you need to improve your chances of starting a financially successful business before you launch it.

Projection Genie helps aspiring entrepreneurs answer common questions like:

Not only does Projection Genie help entrepreneurs answer questions like these, it also provides education on common business & finance terminology, recommendations via tooltips, and self-help articles to improve your knowledge and understanding of your potential outcomes while creating simulations and what-if scenarios.

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