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We’ve built a better way to help entrepreneurs easily predict the financial success of new business ideas BEFORE launching them.

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You Have a New Business Idea. Now What?

New business ideas are great, but great ideas alone aren’t enough to start successful businesses. Today, the only way to figure out if your business idea is going to be successful or not is to invest the money, start it, and hope you get lucky. It’s a horrible path, but something millions of American follow every year because they have no other choice.

But what if you could run a virtual simulation of your business and determine if it could be successful before starting it?

Well, that’s what we’ve built!

We created an easy-to-use simulator that forecasts financials to help entrepreneurs predict and validate the successfulness of their business ideas before launching them.

Why Simulating business Ideas First is important

Since 1994, data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that half of all new businesses launched in the U.S. failed within their first 5 years. Failures that could have been prevented if entrepreneurs had a better way to determine the potential success of their new business ideas.

Failure percentage (%)

Why do so many new businesses fail?

Entrepreneurs tend to underestimate how much money they truly need to keep their business running and eventually run out of cash because they never bothered to forecast financials or did so improperly.

New entrepreneurs don’t typically have the skills or expertise necessary to forecast financials on their own, nor are they able to pay experts thousands of dollars to help, so they never properly validate their business ideas before starting them. Using our simulator eliminates these challenges.

What is the economic impact?

In the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Formation Statistics, 4,408,145 business applications were submitted to the IRS in 2020. As data from the BLS suggests, roughly 2.2 million of these businesses will fail within 5 years – resulting in out-of-pocket losses for entrepreneurs in the billions. Money that could have been spent on better business ideas.

Our solution

Our simulator helps entrepreneurs avoid these pitfalls by helping them predict if their business ideas have the potential to be financially successful before spending a dime on an idea that might otherwise be doomed to fail from the beginning.

It’s like running a virtual business and seeing how it would perform without actually starting it in real life.

Our simulator will ask you a series of carefully curated questions to provide you with accurate financial forecasts for up to 5 years that you can use to determine if your business idea is worth pursuing or not. Our results come in easy-to-understand reports designed for anyone to review, regardless of their financial or accounting skills.

Entrepreneurs who use our simulator can make wiser business decisions, more effectively, with reduced financial risk.

And for as little as $8 a month with an annual plan, our service will provide entrepreneurs an incredibly affordable alternative to finding, hiring, and paying expensive Certified Professional Accountants (CPAs) and financial experts thousands of dollars to create, simulate, and analyze financial forecasts for them.

Get Answers To These Questions and More:

How does it work?

Answer a list of carefully curated questions about your business idea and our simulator will automatically calculate and forecast six of the most important financial models every entrepreneur must know.

Answer our questions then see an overview of your results in our main dashboard

What you’ll get:

Up to 5 years of financial forecasts for Startup Costs, Sales Forecasts, Income Statements/Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Sensitivity Analysis, and Break-even Analysis models that will help you determine your chances of success.

Simulate, Analyze, and Compare Multiple Scenarios Simultaneously

Compare up to four scenarios at the same time to determine what effect different inputs have on your financial forecasts.

Continuously change answers to any question and have your financial forecasts adjusted for you instantly. As an example, you can quickly determine how a change in sales impacts your profitability or how a change in expenses alters the amount of cash you have available to pay bills in any given month.

Downloadable & Customizable Tables, Charts and Graphs

Not only will you be able to customize the look of your tables, charts, and graphs, you can download and insert them into popular programs like Microsoft Word & PowerPoint for presentations, pitch decks, business plans, and more.

Breaking the Cycle

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Gain the confidence you need to know you’re one step closer to starting a successful business.

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