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Why Projection Genie?

Create new revenue streams with Projection Genie

Whether you’re a content creator that’s looking to promote Projection Genie to your audience or a business that’s looking to expose your brand to our users, with Projection Genie, you can deliver elevated customer experiences and unlock new monetization or revenue generating opportunities.


Every day, Projection Genie attracts thousands of entrepreneurs at the very inception of their business journeys. When users are in the market for solutions to help launch their business, it’s an ideal time for brands to showcase their offerings. As users navigate our platform, we use in-app links to tie brands to relevant needs at a time when users are most likely to convert.

Affiliates & Content Creators

We offer industry leading commissions to affiliates and content creators who promote our products to their audiences. Commissions are paid out monthly on every sale influenced by you through our affiliate program. As a bonus, affiliates get credit for purchases made within 60-days when most merchants place 30-day limits on their cookies. Lastly, affiliate payments on commissions occur monthly on the 1st, so there are no long wait times to get paid.

Affiliate & Content Creator Benefits

Develop your go-to-market plan with confidence

Become an expert at using and promoting Projection Genie’s solutions. As a Projection Genie affiliate, we’ll give you the resources to deepen customer engagement, become more knowledgeable with Projection Genie’s solutions, and earn more revenue.


Expedite your knowledge of Projection Genie’s features, use cases, and value proposition.


Accelerate your marketing campaigns with prebuilt assets.


Stay close to our product roadmap and leadership team as we build a longstanding partnership together.

Interested in becoming a Projection Genie Brand Partner or Affiliate?

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Brands can reach out to us at and express your interest in working with us.