A Solution for Agencies, Incubators, & Venture Capital Firms

Take advantage of the robust capabilities Projection Genie offers to new businesses and help your pre-launch startups improve their chances of success with our interactive financial projection simulation platform.

Key Benefits

Take advantage of the key benefits we provide agencies, incubators & venture capital such as:

Our Pro plan offers agencies, incubators, and venture capital firms the ability to work with and manage 100s of pre-launch startups within one account

Isolating project data from other startups within the same account to ensure each startup’s data, privacy, and confidentiality are preserved and protected

Provide your pre-launch startups with the foresight to determine how different financial decisions affect their chances of success so they can adjust their goals and plans accordingly to reach them

Be a trusted business advisor your pre-launch startups expect by helping them gain better visibility into their businesses’ potential before they launch

Help your Pre-launch startups improve their likelihood of success

We developed key features tailored specifically to what agencies, incubators & venture capital firms need the most:

The most trusted platform to help Agencies, Incubators, & Venture Capital firms predict how financially successful their Pre-Launch startups can be