A Solution for Business Consultants and Coaches

Take advantage of the robust capabilities Projection Genie offers and grow your business coaching or consulting practice with additional services you can provide your clients by utilizing our platform

Key Benefits

Take advantage of the key benefits we provide business coaches and consultants such as:

Our Pro Plan (coming soon) offers consultants, coaches, and mentors the ability to work with 100s of clients within one master account by isolating each client’s accounts from each other to ensure each client’s data privacy and confidentiality are secured

Provide you with the ability to add new service offerings and/or improve your current offerings to generate supplemental revenue streams for your consultancy or coaching business

Provide your clients with the ability to develop their best financial plan faster and easier

Become a trusted business advisor by helping your clients gain better visibility into their new businesses’ future financial outcomes before they launch

Improve the value you provide clients by:

The most trusted platform to help your clients predict how financially successful their new business Ideas can be