Solutions for K-12 Educators, Universities, and Nonprofits

Whether you’re a high school CTE teacher, a nonprofit mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, or a large university educating the next crop of future business leaders, Projection Genie offers educators and mentors the ability to enrich your curriculum and enhance the educational experience you provide your students.

Key Benefits

Take advantage of the key benefits we provide K-12 educators, universities, and nonprofits such as:

Our Pro Plan offers educators the ability to work with 100s of students within one master account by isolating child accounts from each other to ensure every student’s data, privacy, and confidentiality is secured.

Provide you with the ability to enhance your curriculum and the teaching experience you provide students by helping them develop the finance, accounting, critical thinking, and problem solving skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs.

Provide your students with the ability to team and collaborate together on financial projections during mock entrepreneurship exercises and school projects either in class, online, at home, or wherever there is internet access.

Add an unlimited number of educators and students to one account or multiple accounts and control access rights by assigned roles to create a seamless account management experience.

Key Features

We developed key features tailored specifically to what educators need the most:

Value For Students

Improve the value you provide students by:

Helping them develop the essential business, financial, critical thinking, and problem solving skills needed to develop and build thriving businesses.

Helping educators teach and collaborate more effectively with students on projects no matter their location - whether in class or online.

Helping students analyze new business ideas & strategies by enabling them to create real-world like simulations to test what-if scenarios and learn how different decisions they make today can affect the future outcome & success of their business.

Educational Discounts

Governments, nonprofits, K-12, and higher education customers get 15% off our monthly Pro Plan price or an additional 20% off (30% total) our annual Pro Plan price. Additional multi-year discounts are also available. Please inquire for details.

To request a demo, speak to a salesperson, or take advantage of our educational discounts, please send an email to with the name and mailing address of your institution, the designated point of contact (name, title, work email), and the number of students who would need software access to process your request. For reference, each student equates to one project for pricing purposes.

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