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Easily turn your business idea into an interactive financial simulation and see how successful your idea could be before investing the time and money to launch it.

Don't have any finance or accounting skills? You don't need them. Just plug in your answers to our guided questions and we’ll handle all calculations for you automatically. It's easy!

The first-and most important-step in starting a business is projecting the financials. Where should you spend? Where can you save? Will a little more investment here lead to better success down the road? These are the questions every entrepreneur asks when starting a new business but doesn’t always know how to answer.

That’s why we created Projection Genie. It’s an interactive simulator that helps you forecast the financial success of your business idea up to 5 years into the future. So while you prepare for launch, we’ll help you simulate, tweak, and improve your projections so you gain the confidence you need to know you’re starting a successful business.

50% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. And it’s almost always because they run out of money from poor planning.

Knowing how to allocate your new business’s financial resources is a vital step toward building a successful one. Projection Genie’s interactive simulator is designed to help entrepreneurs make better business decisions today by giving them a glimpse into the future. We show you how decisions you make now can impact your new business down the road.

Easy to Use

You don’t need to be an accountant to account for the future of your business. Just answer our series of carefully curated questions and we’ll do the rest.

Automatic Calculations

No need to do the math or fumble over complicated spreadsheets. Our interactive simulator will handle all of the financial calculations for you.

Key Financial Models & Ratios

We use the same financial models and ratios relied upon by the finance and accounting industry.

Available in any Currency

Create projections using any currency from around the world.

Downloadable Pro Forma Statements, Tables & Charts

Once we create financial projections for you, they’re yours to insert in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to include in reports, presentations, and business plans.

Compare Scenarios

We help you find the best financial plan for your business by letting you compare multiple financial scenarios side by side.

Simulate, Tweak, Improve, & Repeat

Determining your business idea’s chances of success is all in the details. That’s why Projection Genie arms you with up to 5 years of financial projections that include Startup Costs, Sales Forecasts, Income Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Sensitivity Analysis, Break-even Analysis, ROI, and more. Simulate, tweak, and improve your idea over and over again until you come up with a winning strategy that will help you achieve the confidence you need to know you’re starting a successful business.

Identify, collect, and add up all startup costs required to launch your business idea in one place. This analysis helps entrepreneurs better understand all costs required and initial funding needed to launch their business ideas successfully.

Our sales forecast model provides entrepreneurs with an auto-calculated estimate of what their business idea could generate in sales for up to 5 years. It’s designed to help entrepreneurs estimate a conservative sales target, a probable or most-likely target, and an optimistic target in case your future sales under- or out-perform your probable estimate. This analysis gives entrepreneurs a better understanding of their best and worst-case sales scenarios.

Get a detailed understanding of your projected expenses, revenues, and profits and how they may change over time as your business evolves with our full featured income statements. Statements are auto calculated and generated for a period of up to 5 years.

Understanding how much cash is flowing in and out of your business during any given month is key to running a successful new business.

Entrepreneurs need to ensure that they have enough cash on-hand to pay their bills on-time every month or risk going out of business. Our cash flow projections are auto calculated and designed to help entrepreneurs understand when they may be at risk of running out of cash so that they can take preventative action.

Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. So, it’s helpful to understand how potential changes in projected revenues—whether you’re beating revenues or falling short—can impact your business so you can adjust accordingly. Our sensitivity analysis is auto calculated and designed to help entrepreneurs find answers to these kinds of questions and more.

The break-even point is the moment when your dream becomes profitable. Understanding when your business could break even—when you expect to generate enough revenue to cover your expenses— is paramount. By understanding how many months—or years—your business needs to become profitable, you can properly manage expenses, expectations, and scalability.

Understanding The Numbers Behind Your Business Is The First Step To Growing It

Projection Genie’s interactive simulator handles all of the financial calculations for you. To start projecting your new business’ financials, all you need to do is answer our list of carefully curated questions.

Then, our simulator will take your answers and use more than nine of the top financial models and ratios to automatically create your projections and help you determine if your big business idea has the potential to be a big financial success. All without needing to be an accounting or finance expert.

Create & Compare Multiple Scenarios Side-By-Side

Projection Genie lets you create, compare, and analyze up to 4 different scenarios side-by-side to help you visualize how different answers to the same questions affect your projections. 

As you modify and improve your answers, our interactive simulator automatically updates your results in real-time to help you identify the best ways to invest your cash and manage your finances.

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“I had absolutely no idea how to determine if my business idea was a good one or not until I came across your software. It's been so helpful!”

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"I love it!!! I've spent the last 5 hours coming up with a million scenarios and comparing them against each other. I feel like I know exactly what I need to accomplish to make my new business successful."

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"I wish this tool existed when I created my first business years ago. This would have saved me a lot of time, money, and headaches."

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"This helped me understand my future numbers so much, I could go on Shark Tank and answer all their questions without missing a beat! LOL"

Jessica C.
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