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Before a new business can succeed, it needs a plan. A financial plan.

Projection Genie is driven to provide entrepreneurs from around the world with the insights they need to help take the guesswork out of getting their business started successfully—and avoid the financial pitfalls that doom so many new businesses before they begin.

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My passion for helping businesses succeed comes from my own experience as an entrepreneur. My experience has taught me that along with the rewards of starting a business, there always come challenges. In my home city of San Diego, I’ve seen new businesses open their doors only to pack up and close within a year. In one case, a new business remodeled their retail space and ran out of money before it even got a chance to open.

Yes, challenges will always exist. But no business should run out of funding before its official launch.

These stories along with my experience consulting and counseling new business owners inspired me to create Projection Genie. When business owners can see potential roadblocks and financial issues in advance, they can navigate around them thanks to smart forecasting. To do this, entrepreneurs need a secret weapon: Access to the same financial projections used by the world’s biggest companies but made with accounting tools built for the everyday Joes who don’t need to be financial experts to use them.

This is exactly what Projection Genie provides—at a cost new entrepreneurs can afford. Instead of just hoping for the best, now entrepreneurs like you can turn fingers crossed into financial success.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

We launched Projection Genie during the start of 2022 with the goal of helping entrepreneurs around the world better predict the financial success of their business ideas before launching them.

New entrepreneurs who connect a great idea with the right financial analyses always have an advantage over the competition. This could mean knowing how to manage cash flow to make your start-up funds last longer, or pitching investors and banks with accountant-grade financial projections that are accurate, in-depth and professional in appearance.

Having these analyses on hand can be pivotal at key moments as you plan the launch of your business. No matter what, they will help you make better decisions at every turn. And they will help you build trust in yourself and demonstrate that you are creating a business that is headed for success.

The truth is that every entrepreneur can use a bit of financial guidance and assistance—no matter how much financial expertise you already have. Projection Genie is designed to provide you with a wealth of tools that will empower you, educate you and enable you to move forward as a financially savvy business leader.

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